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Bandit's Stay and Play was started to help awesome people build great relationships with their awesome dogs! Through meeting a dog’s needs and effective training, we affect long-lasting change.

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Who is Bandit?

Bandit was a spirited Australian Cattle Dog with boundless energy and unwavering loyalty to those he loved. Unfortunately, his early life was marred by mistreatment; his initial owners subjected him to physical abuse and prolonged confinement, leading to deep-seated behavioral challenges.  

It was during his time with his second owners that Bandit's path crossed with Enoch and Emily. They were approached for guidance on addressing Bandit's behavioral issues. Despite their best intentions, Bandit's second family made the tough decision to surrender him to the training facility where Enoch and Emily worked. There, he awaited until Enoch and Emily could welcome him into their home. 

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Bandit's Training

Bandit then found joy in simple pleasures: cozying up on the sofa, showering his loved ones with licks, tearing apart boxes (a fantastic stress reducing activity), and  chasing frisbees. Bandit possessed a natural inclination to herd, and more often than not, Enoch's ankles bore the brunt of this instinctive drive.

At the training facility, Bandit had been introduced to the jolly ball, one of the few toys he could engage with, given that he had to wear a muzzle around the staff. Noticing Bandit's keen interest in the jolly ball and hoping to redirect the herding impulse away from his ankles, Enoch introduced him to Treibball, often referred to as "Urban Herding". This game replaces traditional livestock with balls, providing a stimulating outlet for herding breeds. Thanks to Treibball, Bandit's propensity for ankle-nipping diminished considerably. Moreover, fetch with the jolly ball became an invaluable tool, allowing us to acquaint Bandit with new people in a fast and safe manner.  

Bandit fundamentally transformed our approach to training.

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He emphasized that it's not merely about teaching skills, but crucially about recognizing and addressing the unique needs of each dog. In homage to his enduring influence, our company proudly bears Bandit’s name. We are committed to the principles of patience, love, and understanding he inspired. 

We promise to extend to every dog the compassion, understanding, and nurturing environment that Bandit deserved right from the start.

Looking for a solid foundation for your dog's training?

Look no further than Bandit's Stay and Play! With 5 years of experience and a passion for canine behavior, Enoch Mahana, IAABC-ADT, can help your furry friend become the best-behaved pup in Utah.

Whether you need help with basic obedience or more complex behavioral issues, our positive reinforcement techniques will set your dog on the path to success. Let Bandit's Stay and Play be the cornerstone of your dog's training journey!

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Positive Reinforcement Training

At Bandit's Stay and Play, we are unwavering in our commitment to the principles of positive reinforcement training, guided by the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) Code of Ethics. We firmly believe in fostering a strong bond between dogs and their owners through humane and effective training methods.  

We understand that every dog is unique, and our experienced trainers tailor their techniques to each individual's personality and learning style. With Bandit's Stay and Play, you can be confident that your furry companion will receive the highest standard of care and training, setting the stage for a lifetime of positive behavior and shared happiness.

Our Values

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At Bandit's Stay and Play, we believe in building trust through transparent communication and reliable services, ensuring your dog's safety and well-being at all times.

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Our commitment to integrity means that we uphold the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our dog training and grooming business, treating your pets with honesty and respect.

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We take pride in delivering top-quality care, from our skilled grooming techniques to our effective training methods, providing your furry friend with the best possible experience.

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Love is the foundation of our work at Bandit's Stay and Play. We care for your dogs as if they were our own, infusing every interaction with genuine affection and compassion.

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