Day Train

Day Train

Enroll your dog in our 2-week program tailored for enhancing 1-2 skills. It includes coaching sessions and additional resources.

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2 weeks

This Service

Send your dog to school to learn or improve on 1-2 skills.  Our day training program is 2 weeks long Monday through Friday.  We will work with your dog multiple times per day on one or 2 the behaviors your dog needs help with.  All programs are tailored to you and your dog.  Each 2 week daytrain course comes with 1 introductory session and 2 sessions during the course to help coach you.  This is supplemented with homework and resources so you feel comfortable continuing to practice once your dog goes home.

What's Included?

Send your dog to school with our Day Train Service, where we specialize in tailored training sessions conducted by certified trainers to improve obedience, behavior, and various skills. Your furry friend will enjoy structured socialization and playtime, ensuring they learn to interact well with others, alongside regular exercise through walks and agility courses to keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated. We provide daily progress updates, complete with practical tips for you to continue the training at home, ensuring a seamless learning experience. Our service includes health monitoring and nutritional care, emphasizing both comfort and well-being. Plus, with our commitment to satisfaction, we're dedicated to meeting your expectations and offer comprehensive support and resources to reinforce your dog's training at home, making our Day Train Service the perfect educational retreat for your pet.


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